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Tahitian Pearl Strength
07-22-2011, 01:08 PM

While the surface of a Tahitian Pearl may be soft, the pearl as a whole is remarkably strong. In fact, early pearl dealers were able to step on a mix of imitation and real pearls, and those that didn’t break were proven to be genuine.

A round object will naturally have more strength and resistance to pressure, the curved surface able to disperse the energy. The layers of crystals that make up the nacre, while lightweight, are also very strong. With the addition of conchiolin to the crystal layers, they are also slightly elastic, which provides a cushion when under pressure.

These qualities make Tahitian Pearl pearl drilling a difficult process. If done incorrectly, the pearl will fracture or flake. Modern drills support pearls in such a way that the drill can enter both sides the pearl at once.

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