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Natural Color Pistachio Saltwater Pearls
07-18-2011, 10:53 AM

I am interested in natural, not dyed pistachio saltwater pearl necklace. Thought I saw a strand on your page about a week ago but can't find anymore. Do you have any?


If you are looking for a natural color saltwater pearl necklace in the pistachio color, you probably are going to find this color in the Tahitian Pearl variety.

Natural color black Tahitian Pearls from the South Seas are harvested in an array of colors, many of which have a green overtone and black bodycolor.

A true natural color pistachio Tahitian Pearl has a distinctive green bodycolor in the hue of its given name. Interestingly enough, the term Pistachio Color was termed by a jewelry designer that was supplied by American Pearl who selected this unusual color and brought it to market under the Pistachio Color in their brand.

American Pearl does offer a freshwater pistachio colored pearl necklace at this link that is readily available.

The pearls in the above link are not natural color and they are not saltwater, they are freshwater.

If you are looking for true natural color saltwater pearls, you are probably looking for a Tahitian Pearl Necklace similar to what is found in this gallery:

However, you will not find a true pistachio pearl necklace color here. This would be a special order.

Depending on the size required, American Pearl can make such a necklace as a custom order.

Typically, the pearl sizes in the Tahitian Pearl category that are readily available start at 8mm and go up from there.

Necklaces can have a 1mm range of graduation, 2mm range of graduation or even 3mm range of graduation.

As such, one can choose an 8mm to 9mm necklace, 8mm to 10mm necklace or even 8mm to 11mm.

Based on the selected sizes, prices vary.

A true Pistachio Colored Tahitian Pearl necklace is so rare that it is difficult to keep it in stock and have it readily available on our website.
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