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Geography of French Polynesia
07-20-2011, 02:18 PM

The area referred to as French Polynesia Tahitian Pearls are primarily made emcompasses 130 islands which are divided into five major groups, referred to as archipelagos.

Society Islands (containing Tahiti)
Tuamotu Archipelago
Gambier Islands
Marquesas Islands
Tubuai Islands (also known as the Austral Islands)

The islands themselves are formed by volcanoes in various states of either decay or extinction. In many islands, the central volcano has sunk below sea level, forming either lagoons in the center of the ring-like islands. Open lagoons have passageways between the sea and the central lagoon, creating ideal environments for the growth of Pinctada margaritifera mollusks.

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01-12-2013, 12:24 PM

Thanks for posting that research Opera. I know when we visit French Polynesia its very challenging to obtain Tahitian black pearls as a pearl buying trip requires many visits to many of these 130 islands to purchase pearls from all the different farmers. Each buying trip is a true adventure. Of course we also purchase pearls from Auctions but there are many great pearl deals to be found outside the organized Pearl Auctions.
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