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American Pearl Necklace and Earring for Sale
07-16-2012, 05:31 PM

Hi Gary,

Thanks for posting on I see you have this beautiful American Pearl Necklace and Pearl Earring set. They actually look like they are in mint condition and of course you have the American Pearl Figure 8 Clasp. Is there any way to get a closer up picture of the necklace and perhaps a close up picture of the tongue of the clasp to show that it is stamped and an authentic American Pearl necklace?

The pearl necklace in today's wholesale marketplace is worth almost $2,500 and the earrings are worth at least $350. Do you know the length of the pearl necklace?

Do you know the metal that was used for the cup posts to set the pearls?

Also, can you kindly take another picture of the pearl earrings as I think you were too close the the camera. Thanks!

Once I see the close up strands, I will be able to grade the pearls more accurately and give you an appraisal which will help with the sale.

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